Thursday, May 3, 2012


Welcome to the K9ROD Blog.  This is a brand new experiment for me as I have never blogged before.  If you have any suggestions for layout, design, articles, or anything else you can think of, please give me a shout.

I love Amateur radio. It has gotten me through some very tough times with my disability. It is also exciting to talk with people from other parts of our great nation to all over the world.  My first really long distance contact was to Aruba on 6 meters in January.  After hear static on the 6 meter radio for so long, I began to wonder if I would ever hear anybody on it.  So to then make my first contract to Aruba was very exciting.

What was you most exciting contact?  Do you have a favorite mode of operation?  A favorite band?

I enjoy SSB and love 15 and 20 meters.  Another one of my favorite contacts was my first trip into Japan.  Before I had my license I listened to a guy in the US talking to a guy in Japan on 15 meters one Saturday morning.  It was so cool since I was using an indoor antenna that was not designed for 15 meters and they sounded like both were in the next room.  So when I finally made a contact with a guy in Japan, I completed my circle.

Let me hear from you, and visit my website 73's  Rod K9ROD


  1. I just wanted to add that the backgorund picture here is from a friend of mine, WA0VTO. Hank helped me out a lot when I was just getting started in amateur radio. He has a wonderful shack full of old radios that he uses everyday. Thanks Hank.

    1. Hank passed away becoming a silent key on July 21, 2013. Hank, you will be missed by many.

  2. So alot has happened since I started this blog. We moved back to Texas due to health reasons. The low pressure of the cold fronts and the heavy amounts of snow didn't agree with me. So we moved back to San Antonio area where we left 11 years ago. We loved living in the mountains of Colorado. It was a dream come true, but I feel a whole lot better here in Texas. So it was worth the move. Also we are now closer to two of our kids that live here and our three grand children.

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